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Gourmet popcorn flavors
Clusters Handcafted Popcorn Peddler's Village, PA Counter

CLUSTERS STORY Owners Linda and Jules Sghiatti thought New Hope was a great place to open a caramel corn store. As Bucks County natives, they have lived in New Hope for over 15 years, raising three children, and working in their own residential building business. When Linda wanted to get a part-time job, Jules encouraged her “to do her own thing.”

After attending the Friday Night Fireworks on the Delaware River in New Hope one evening in 2010, they discussed that New Hope didn’t have any quick snack stops other than ice cream. They thought about how much they love the caramel corn from the boardwalk at the Jersey Shore and that’s how the idea came about.

After a bit of research and planning, Jules got to work designing and building the shop. Linda and the kids went to work creating popcorn recipes. The whole family contributed to the process, including designing the logo and packaging. A year later, we opened April, 2011.

Customers know that a trip to CLUSTERS will require them to answer a question – “Bag open or closed?” Always answer OPEN! That way you get an extra scoop or so to enjoy walking around town. The only mistake you can make when you go to CLUSTERS is when you don’t order a big enough bag.


CLUSTERS began franchising in 2019. Check out the franchise page for more information!

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